Residence Excelsior

Useful information

General informations

The Property wants to keep as much as possible: the history of the buildings, the environment and the atmosphere of a past. Many famous people have been hosted in this structure. During the First World War it was really the border between Austria and Italy. To then become a tourist facility.

Many new initiatives in the near future will pass adjacent to the Excelsior Structure, such as the famous overhanging cycle path on the lake, which from Limone will reach Riva del Garda. We always remember the special and direct contact with the nature that the Structure offers. We remember that from many apartments (not all of them) you can go down to the lake with their small ladder (it's great to prepare a good breakfast in the morning and when everything is ready, a wonderful swim to end up with a good breakfast).

Every year we restructure part of our structures, following the original style and materials, respecting as much as possible the existing structures. We renew the state of affairs that we have (as old but new) the modern we leave to others. Our customers almost always spend all day here on the lake and this makes us very happy (but a strong wear suffers our internal structures, this we must say, try to follow us: we are sure that all our customers have wonderful houses, try to rent your homes every week to different people and then see you at the end of the season to see your apartments). We offer days spent all really on the lake front site and then we recommend a beautiful walk in the evening to get to a good restaurant or pizzeria or ice cream shop in Riva del Garda located at mt. 300.

Right to know

Everything is not good at all, what maybe you like .... other people don't like it .... just like in politics 50% of the left think they are right and in the same way l another 50% of the right, but everyone must live together with the utmost respect, express the opposite can express his point of view .... it must also be said, however, that some people are really rude and pay very little attention in what they sign in the reservations and their error turns into a negative criticism, remember to read carefully what we offer before booking, we repeat we are not a hotel and our services are clearly written.

If you have any problems on arrival, say so right away. Thanks. The tranquility and serenity and the typical and beautiful nature of our area is very beautiful. Structure directly on the lake, located at the start of the famous street of the "Unicum" "ideal for tracking, mountain biking, sailing, surfing, canoeing, rock, photography, diving, painting and much more , tranquility and peace.


You should know, that there are customers who ask for a discount to avoid making a negative review, envy and various resentments are not lacking. Reviews portals that continue to request paid registration, to which we respond we are not interested but they publish equally without our authorization. (To make up for the negative reviews there are people who make so many positive ones so that the negative goes so below that you can't see anymore, the customer looks at the first ones up to a maximum other 10/15 pages ...) .

We do not recommend our structure

For overnight stays, work or fast transit arrive in the evening to leave in the morning we do not recommend, we do not do secretarial service outside the opening hours which is from
09.00 to 12.00 a.m. / 15: 00-19: 00 p.m.

Type of service offered

Office open from 09: 00-12: 00/15: 00-19: 00, for the delivery of the keys, the balance must be made at the entrance + a deposit of €. 100 deposit (deposit returned on departure if the apartment is handed over) this because the customer having the keys can leave when he wants, we remember that we are not like a hotel, but we give you an apartment (small or large), remember that it goes kept clean, all our structures have a contact, with lake, plants, forest and the typical animals of the place can be close to it is forbidden to feed the ducks, swans or birds, because the crumbs or various foods, attract animals and insects such as ants, bees, flies etc ... we do not use poisons (we remind you that we have occupied their space, that we invite you to respect the beautiful ducks, swans, gulls, birds, squirrels, foxes and hares, etc .. and why should be the water snake or nutria or water mouse, or others, etc ... nature is to be respected and this is what we invite you to do) . The Excelsior Structure since 1975 has a sewer (made at our expense) that pumps everything to the central connection of Riva del Garda, so as not to pollute the beautiful lake in front of us.

Typical summer day for one of our guests

"The frothy wave shattering on the rock of the lake develops positive ions that help to sleep", and if many people get up early they can see the sun that is born (summer 6:45 - 07:30) its rays shine on the lake is wonderful, going down to the lake a nice dive is a very nice experience, however seeing the wonderful sparkle on the lake in the morning with the rising of the sun, is an immersion in the most absolute nature ... the day can pass between baths, favorite sports , walks etc ... fruit, tastings, snacks or grills ... fabulous routes for mountain bikes surround us, surfing, sailing with our mooring, free climbing, diving, moments of concentration, reading and contemplation, this until evening and above all rest, we think for your true holidays, with wonderful walks on the "Ponale", with unique views that accompany you, A lakefront (300m) connects us to the center of Riva del Garda where any delicacy for a good dinner can be found, in excellent restaurants or pizzerias or ice cream parlors ... the rest is yours ...