Residence Excelsior
Residence Excelsior


Type of service offered

Office open from 09: 00-12: 00/15: 00-19: 00, for the delivery of the keys, the balance must be made at the entrance + a deposit of €. 100 deposit (deposit returned on departure if the apartment is handed over) this because the client having the keys can leave when he wants, we remember that we are not like a hotel, but we give you an apartment, remember that it must be kept clean, all our structures have a contact, with lake, plants, forest and the typical animals of the place that can be very close. It is forbidden to feed ducks, swans or birds, because the crumbs or various foods, attract animals and insects such as ants, bees, flies etc ... we do not use poisons (we remind you that it is we who have occupied their space, that we invite you to respect / beautiful the ducks, swans, gulls, birds, squirrels, foxes and hares, etc. and why the water snake or nutria or water mouse, or others, should be ugly, etc. nature is to be respected and this is what we invite you to do.The structure built in 1975 has a sewerage made at our expense, which pumps everything to the central connection of the shore of the garda, so as not to pollute the beautiful lake in front of us.

Typical day for one of our guests

Sleep as much as he wants "the lake water develops positive ions that help people sleeping" even if we have to say that if you get up early, you are lucky enough to see the sun rises (6:45 - 07:30 am). The day runs between baths, fruits, snacks, barbecues ... fabulous mountain-bike routes that surround us, surfing, sailing with the possibility of private mooring that we offer, free-climbing, diving, relaxing moments, this for almost part of the day until evening and, above all, rest. This is what we think and wish for your true holidays, with wonderful walks even on the "Ponale path", with unique views…. Then you have just to put the rest ...